Factors to Consider When Choosing Salon Furniture

Posted on: 27 January 2016

Unlike home furniture whose selection depends on the taste and preference of the homeowner, selecting the kind of furniture to use in a salon is very challenging because it has to impress every client who walks in for services. The chairs and stools, shampoo and manicure station, reception desk, massage chairs and beds, and styling stations all need to be appealing and comfortable to attract more people to your salon. Therefore, it's important to look at the factors to consider when selecting the right furniture for your business.

Target Market

A most common phrase in business is "customer is King", such that the setup of the salon appeals to the customers first if the salon is to be a success. Unlike selling of commodities where customers buy something tangible and carry it home with them, clients in the salon business pay for a certain experience. Thus, it becomes the goal of the service provider to ensure they not only give the expected experience, but they rather surpass customer expectation. It is for such reasons that one would be required to conduct a market research and identify the market they are targeting so as to know the correct type of furniture to buy.

Space Available in the Business Premises

The space available will have to be shared between the furniture and fittings as well as with the machines and equipment that one will have in the salon and still have enough room for the operators to work without strain. Not forgetting that as your customers come for the service, the experience is more than the service which includes ample space to move around as well as comfortable furniture.

You want to select the furniture that appeals to your clientele and at the same time use the space available efficiently.

Budgetary Constrain

Much as your ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, it's very important to select the type of furniture that is within your budget to avoid undercutting on other aspects of the business. Note that the furniture range from less costly to expensive.


You must ensure that the type of furniture you settle for in your salon is user friendly, such that not only is it appealing to the clients but also easy to use. Select furniture that will not give you or your employees a hard time to use. Also you have to ensure that the furniture is easy to clean as you'll be forced to maintain high standards so as to have a competitive advantage in the industry.

For more information on salon furniture, talk to a professional.


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