Selecting Apparel for Outdoor Exercise or Sports Activities

Posted on: 22 January 2016

Keeping fit and healthy has become a way of life for many people today. Whether you exercise outdoors on a daily basis or you are a seasonal sportsperson, what you wear can significantly impact how effective the activity will be. There are lots of factors that influence the choice of the perfect apparel, all depending on your workout routine or the sports activities you intend to take part in.

Here are a few useful tips you should bear in mind when you are out shopping for outdoor exercise or sports apparel.


Safety is perhaps the most important thing you will have to think about when you are looking for outdoor exercise and sports apparel. The right apparel should not only be gentle on the skin but it should be tough enough to keep you from getting bruised or scratched when working out or playing. Enquire about the fabrics used to make the apparel, as some fabrics may cause skin irritations because of the friction existing between the apparel and the skin.

Also, know what safety equipment to put on with the apparel. For example, wearing a helmet made for cyclists can considerably reduce the risk of sustaining any serious head injuries in the event of a fall off the bike.

Dress according to the weather

You may have to change the type of apparel you wear for outdoor exercise or sports activities with seasons. When it is excruciatingly hot outside, you may have to opt for fabrics that feel cool and comfortable, allowing your skin to breathe easily. During cold winter spells, you will have to dress warmly while keeping in mind that the physical activity will increase your heart rate and body temperature as well. 

Wear the apparel in layers that can be easily removed, with the sweat-wicking layer being on your inner layer. If you expect it to rain, wear an outer layer that will prevent the rainwater from reaching your head, face, and other parts of your body.

Get the correct fit

Here, you need to avoid going for apparel that may hinder your physical activity. Make sure that your apparel fit your body and they are suited for the workout routine or sports you have planned. Stretchy but fitted apparel with sweat-wicking fabrics are best for activities like yoga. When cycling, you will need to avoid wearing loose, wide-leg pants that could easily get you tangled up in the pedals of your bike.


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