Wedding Bouquets | 4 Tips To Transform Your Wedding Bouquet into a Creative Masterpiece

Posted on: 16 October 2015

Wedding bouquets are an important part of the bridal ensemble –– almost as much as a wedding dress. Since it is a vivid visual feature against your wedding gown, you'll want to get it absolutely perfect to echo your personal taste and style. If you're looking for a blend of traditional and non-traditional style ideas, this guide is designed to help you transform your wedding bouquet into a creative masterpiece.

Craft Pops of Colour into Wedding Bouquets with Fruits

Tucking fruits into flowers is an elaborate way to craft pops of colour into wedding bouquets to add a whimsical twist to traditional floral arrangements. You can choose any type of fruit to go with your bouquet and overall wedding theme. For example, if your wedding theme colour is red, then apples, cherries and raspberries will enhance your bouquet with a distinctive dimension. If you're throwing a summer wedding with shades of yellow integrated into your wedding theme, add an assortment of dried citrus slices from lemons and oranges. A fruit-infused bouquet will give your wedding bouquet oodles of unique charm.

Introduce Prized Family Treasures to Fashion an Imaginative Bouquet

Use all your favourite family heirlooms and trinkets saved over the years into your wedding bouquet flowers to give it a thoroughly unique appearance. This idea creates a beautiful personal touch as you walk down the aisle with a customised flower arrangement that's embellished with your family brooches and family keepsakes. For example, your grandmother's broach or your favourite childhood toy could be beautifully embedded into the floral arrangement to give your bouquet a sentimental twist.  

Place Feather Accents for a Touch of Harmony

While feather bouquets may look a little loud and chaotic, traditional flower bouquets with a few feather accents deliver a classy and chic appearance, especially when harmonised with ribbons and flowers in the same hues. For example, a blue assortment or a purple collection of flowers will look stunning when paired with peacock feather accents in wedding bouquets. You can even use feather accents to decorate your wedding chapel and reception, tying them in exquisitely with your bouquet.

Convey Your Love Through a Shell-Inspired Bouquet

If you're having a beach-themed summer wedding, then a shell-inspired wedding bouquet is an exceptional idea as you walk down the aisle. Add shells, starfish and other aquatic ornaments to your floral arrangement to complement your wedding. You can also choose an assortment of shapes, sizes and colours to match your bouquet to your wedding theme. For example, summer weddings with white and pale pink décor would go exceptionally well with all-white flowers and pale pink shells for a refreshing appearance.

Use these creative ideas to add a modern twist to wedding bouquets.


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