Salon Equipment | 3 Tips to Introduce Smartly Planned Equipment To Your Salon

Posted on: 7 October 2015

Whether you've decided to start a home-based salon or you're in the market for a commercial establishment, buying salon equipment is critical for the eventual success of your business. Like any other business purchase you make, you will need to consider several factors for making the right hairdressing equipment choices. This guide is designed to help you in your quest to introduce high-quality equipment to your salon business.

Prepare A Checklist For Your Full-Service or Exclusive Salon

Most salons start by offering a few specific services and expand their portfolio over time, while others begin as full-service businesses. A smart idea would be to prepare a checklist for your full-service or exclusive salon, so you don't miss out on essential items. If you start as a full-service salon, you will need to consider all kinds of nail, spa and hairdressing equipment. If you are offering exclusive hairdressing services, you'll need to purchase hairdressing equipment like hair washbasins, haircut scissors, salon chairs, professional hairdryers, hairstyling products, shampoos and conditioners. If you plan to introduce body-related waxing and hair removal services, you will need to purchase wax, hair removal strips, manicure and pedicure equipment, massage beds and facial beauty therapies. If you have decided to incorporate a nail bar, you will need to purchase everything related to creating gel and acrylic false nails.

Test Your Salon Equipment Before Purchase 

Before making the decision to purchase salon equipment, be sure to check that all the mechanisms are in proper working condition. This is important because you don't want to end up with something that is faulty from the first day. Check with your suppliers about return, exchange and warranty policies –– this will come in handy if something goes wrong in the first few months of use. For example, basic operational equipment like display racks, styling chairs, trolley carts and hair-washing chairs with in-built showerheads should be checked properly before you use them. If the suppliers don't offer buyer-friendly policies, don't hesitate to look elsewhere for sellers that do.

Don't Feel Shy to Ask For Discounts

You're not in the business of social service and neither is your supplier, but that doesn't mean that asking for a discount is futile. Since you're running a long-term business, your supplier will most likely want to keep doing business with you. Ask for discounts on the salon equipment you purchase, especially on your bulk buys. In most cases, your supplier will oblige in the hope of repeating a sale with you in the future. Work with a full-service salon supplier from the start (even if you have an exclusive salon), so that you build a close working relationship at great prices. This will help you tremendously when you expand your services and need good deals on salon equipment.

Buying salon equipment requires careful consideration –– use these tips as catalysts to guide you in the right direction.  


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