Eyebrow Waxing: 4 Smart Tips for Getting Your Eyebrows Waxed Perfectly

Posted on: 1 October 2015

Eyebrow waxing is an excellent facial grooming technique that can transform your appearance instantly. But an eyebrow wax gone wrong could result in missing layers of skin or catastrophic brow losses. Luckily, this guide is designed to help you prepare smartly when heading to the salon for eyebrow waxing.

Make Sure You Have Enough Eyebrow Hair Growth

Like any other part of the body that needs waxing, your eyebrow hair needs to be long enough for the wax to adhere. The wait period for eyebrow hair to grow back will differ from person to person, but this growing back period typically takes a few weeks. Wait for as long as you possibly can to help the wax penetrate properly, so that your eyebrow hair can be pulled out as quickly and painlessly as possible at the salon. If your eyebrow hair isn't long enough, the wax will not hold on to the hair to pull it out, so make sure you have enough eyebrow hair growth before waxing.

Numb Your Face Before Your Salon Visit

Eyebrow waxing is a great transformation technique, but it can also be a tad painful. Fortunately, skin numbing creams are available that have a low threshold for pain. Just before heading out to your salon appointment, apply skin numbing cream to your eyebrow region –– this will make the process more pain-free. Skin numbing creams are available at most beauty stores or even online.

Don't Hesitate to Communicate Your Desire

Eyebrows can affect your appearance, so it's important that you communicate exactly what you want before waxing. For example, thick big eyebrows work well for those looking for a bold look, while pencil thin eyebrow lines create a more severe look. Softly rounded brows look good on women with square-shaped faces, as it takes away the angularity of the face. Angled brows are perfect for women with round faces because they create flattering bone structure. Determine what you are comfortable with and let the salon stylist know in advance.

Soothe the Skin Once Waxing is Complete

Once you have finished eyebrow waxing, be sure to use a moisturising balm or cream to help soothe the sensitive skin around your eyebrows. This will cool down the skin and will prevent redness in the area. After-tweeze creams are especially effective for calming and conditioning freshly waxed eyebrow skin. You can purchase these creams from a beauty store.

Eyebrow waxing can make any woman feel special because it instantly uplifts her face––use these smart tips for the perfect eyebrow waxing job. For more information, contact companies like Lets Face It Skin Care Clinic.


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